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What is URL Expander?

A URL Expander is a tool or service that allows you to reveal the full or original destination of a shortened URL.
A shortened URL is generated from a URL Shortener like Ln.run, Shorter, ShortenWorld

Best URL Shortener

URL Shortener is a tool to shorten a long link, long URL to short link, short url. Then you can share that shorter, memorable URL on the blogs, socials ...

There are many URL Shorteners our there but we highly recommend these best URL Shortener here:


ShortenWorld URL Shortener
Shorter.me URL Shortener
Ln.run URL Shortener

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our free link expander? Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

Yes of cource. URLExpander.me is free 100%. Just enjoy it.

Yes. They are the same. They all expand your shortened URLs to the destination website.

In Chrome, just visit URLExpander.me then fill your URL to our website box. Hit search button, you will see all original URLs, website destination.

Did you used ShortenWorld or other URL Shortener like that? So using our URLExpander, you can preview that compressed URL in less than a second.

Using our free unshorten URL, you can preview all link. After click review on us you will have Title, Description, Keywords and Preview image of the destination website

It's depend. But on URLExpander.me we will show all URLs which redirect and redirect many times before hit the final destination.

No you should not. Please check carefully that destination, and make sure it's safe before click anything on those URLs. It may have phishing or malicious webesite

Usually it will fake the legit website by change one or some words on the domain name. For example, URLExpander.me it can be faked to something like: URIExpander.me, so please make sure the domain is legit. Or we can google that domain to see if it is legit or not easy.

URL expanders can help you identify potentially malicious links by revealing the true destination. However, they are not a substitute for good online security practices and antivirus software. Always exercise caution when clicking on links, even after expanding them.

No. We do not store any URL you expanded. Please check the service's privacy policy for specific details

Stay safe on the internet.
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